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  • Articles 5 tips to keep your resolutions on track

    Get Specific – It’s not that “being a better person” is not an admirable goal, it’s just that it’s a hard thing to define and even harder to achieve. Consider narrowing your goals to the specific areas for personal improvement that excite you most or that might ultimately help you feel like a better person. If

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  • Articles Congress extends expired tax provisions for one year

    With just 15 days left in 2014, the Senate approved legislation on Tuesday that retroactively extends a number of expired tax provisions for tax year 2014.  The bill now goes to the President, who is expected to sign the measure.  This legislation includes many individual and corporate items that may be relevant to your personal situation.

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  • Articles Money messages for parents and children

    Many of our clients have expressed a desire to hear ideas and explore ways to communicate values around money, wealth, and philanthropy to their children.  We recognize the importance to our clients of raising responsible children and communicating with them about money in healthy ways.  Kim Wright from the Seattle Foundation has compiled a list

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