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  • Articles What do successful investors know that you don’t?

    We all know from personal experience that it typically does not pay to switch from one line to another—not at ticket counters, border crossings, airport security, or even at the grocery store checkout.  Likewise, compelling data from the investment research company Morningstar show that nearly certain disappointment awaits the investor who hopes to generate market-beating

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  • A Different Perspective Can you quantify the value provided by a financial advisor?

    Individuals typically ponder two main factors when considering the services of a financial advisor: cost and value.   The cost may be clear, but how is the value of an advisor quantified? Will the value received ultimately justify the fees paid?  Will the advisor’s investment performance exceed that which could be achieved without an advisor? These

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  • Articles A Balanced Investment Approach for the Long Haul

    In the current low interest rate environment, and in light of continued stock market volatility, many investors have embraced high income‐oriented investment strategies. The expectation, or hope, is that a higher yielding portfolio will reduce volatility and generate enough income to meet cash needs, thereby allowing the investor to forego spending principal. Picking up on

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