brighton jones personal cfo

Personal CFO

Integrate your financial resources with your life goals and passions.

No individual, no matter how accomplished, is an expert in every area of finance. But like a chief financial officer of a corporation, the depth and breadth of our team allow us to provide advice across your entire balance sheet. We believe that this comprehensive approach leads to better decisions, better outcomes, and a better experience for you.

Trusted Advice

Brighton Jones serves as a fiduciary, meaning that we operate with a legal obligation to always put your interests first.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment principles are focused on managing risk and combining asset classes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Comprehensive Approach

Every client’s financial landscape looks different—your needs and goals will shape the personalized plan that we deliver.

Vocational Freedom Planning

Whether you’re looking at retirement or a shift in the way you work, we can help navigate the dynamics of cash flow planning, wealth transfer objectives, and investment portfolio structure for a secure future.

Withdrawal Strategy

When funds are needed from your portfolio, where should they come from, and in what order? One must consider tax implications and the impact on future income, among other considerations. Your Brighton Jones team can provide a clear framework for these complex decisions and create an optimal portfolio spending strategy.

Risk Management

Potentially catastrophic financial setbacks can occur at any moment, from property and liability issues to disability and premature death. An effective wealth manager understands these risks and will determine whether they should be self-insured or transferred to insurance providers.

Strategic Philanthropy

For many, giving can be just as important as gaining. If a substantial philanthropic component is part of your goals—during your life or after your death—Brighton Jones can help design and implement the right charitable giving plan for you today and for your estate.

Proactive Tax Planning

It’s probably not a surprise that nearly every financial transaction requires us to consider taxation. Whether that means maximizing the value of charitable gifts, harvesting tax losses to offset future capital gains, choosing the right bond investments, or holding tax-inefficient asset classes in qualified accounts, our goal is to optimize your net after-tax returns.

Estate Planning

Making estate planning a focus on wealth management can deliver significant benefits, potentially saving your heirs hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Based on your vision for the future of your estate, we can create an actionable plan to reduce administrative costs, pass wealth on efficiently, provide for the care of loved ones and minimize estate taxes.

Outside Expert Coordination

We realize you may have outside counsel assisting you with issues such as mortgage refinancing, property and casualty insurance, or the execution of estate planning documents. Your Brighton Jones team will coordinate both in-house and outside experts, acting as a primary point of contact to ensure that all advice is integrated with the broader financial goals we’ve targeted with you.

Let’s Talk

Whether you have a specific question, or you’re interested in learning more about how our approach could be tailored to your situation, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to be in touch in whichever way works best for you.