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Our Personal CFO approach to wealth management and in-house expertise—tax and estate planning, real estate, and strategic philanthropy—has made Brighton Jones a top WAS firm working with Fidelity consultants and servicing Fidelity clients nationwide.

Please note that this information is for Fidelity internal use only and, not intended for client distribution.

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70% of qualified WAS referrals

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211% asset consolidation (avg. is 29%) – you make more money

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98%+ client retention – increase the time period you get paid

Success stories

One of Mateo’s immediate goals after retiring from a long career at a utility power company was to move to the North Carolina mountains. He needed to pull his down payment from his portfolio, so he worked with his Brighton Jones Personal CFO to plan for this in his allocation by allocating a “spending and protection goal” in safer, protected investments—capital preservation.

This was all happening in early 2020. When the pandemic hit and the markets went down substantially, Mateo was understandably concerned. We had the privilege to reassure him that because we’d collaborated and understood his goals, his down payment was protected. We didn’t have to delve into his equity allocation and sell at a much lower valuation or worse, put a hold on his plans. Thanks to a great partnership with Brighton Jones, Mateo went to closing with no issues and is currently enjoying retirement without worry.

Meet Mateo

Goal: Retire and move to the North Carolina mountains

Focus: Cash needs analysis

Fidelity Branch: Scottsdale

Tax Planning

Accumulating, accessing, or transferring wealth can spur some serious tax implications. A forward-looking tax plan can simplify your financial life and uncover opportunities to maximize the value of charitable gifts or harvest tax losses to offset future capital gains.

Equity Compensation

It’s never as simple as “salary plus benefits.” We help clients evaluate all aspects of their corporate benefits package and provide truly dispassionate advice around competing priorities like base pay, stock options, deferred compensation, bonuses, and more.

Estate Planning

Build a holistic plan for your legacy that provides for loved ones and protects your estate. An actionable plan can reduce administrative costs, distribute wealth responsibly, provide for the care of loved ones, and minimize estate taxes.

Real Estate

Real estate investments are an important part of any wealth-building strategy. It brings unique advantages, including passive income streams, use of leverage, and favorable tax strategies to expand and diversify your current holdings.

Private Investments

Confidently navigate the opaque world of private investments with access, insights, and analysis of opportunities that provide portfolio diversification and historically higher rates of return.

Strategic Philanthropy

Put your wealth to its highest use. A strategic philanthropic plan can increase the value of your resources while reducing the overall impact on your financial picture through charitable giving, a family foundation, endowments, or a donor-advised fund.

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Success stories

We first met Robert after he’d built up over $400k in AMT income. He’s a senior IT employee for United Healthcare, and a big part of his compensation structure is in NQSOs and ISOs. Until he teamed up with Brighton Jones, he’d simply been exercising options upon vesting. To help offset and smooth his tax situation, we had Robert stop exercising and put an option collar strategy in place to protect him from a large loss—which also allowed him to sell his shares at a price that would offset AMT liability. We’ve continued to alternate, exercising and adding to AMT one year, then selling to offset the next.

Robert and Laura are so thrilled with our tax expertise, we’re now helping them with early retirement planning, as well as establishing a proper estate plan.

Meet Rob & Laura

Goal: Offset and smooth tax situation

Focus: Tax mitigation and overall planning for stock option compensation

Fidelity Branch: Washington, D.C.

Beyond the Balance Sheet

Our clients’ plans also include personal passions and professional enrichment. Brighton Jones offers a variety of programs to help tie the entirety of their plans together.
Richer Life Foundation
Richer Life Foundation
The Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation serves as a catalyst for our community members by leveraging our collective knowledge, time, and money to drive more purposeful giving.
Learn More
MESI is an immersive program that uses science-based practices and research about the human brain to improve our self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and compassion.
Learn More
Women Living a Richer Life
Women Living a Richer Life
Confidently navigate your net worth and financial wellbeing with conversations, connections, and a community designed to help women thrive.
Learn More
  • Learn the client’s career, goals, and family
  • Understand the client’s values and passions
  • Discuss total balance sheet, cash flow, and future plans
  • Present an initial plan
  • Introduce service team
  • Clarify any decisions and process
  • Discuss how we’ll work together
  • Agree on the plan
  • Transfer accounts
  • Execute on strategies
  • Monitor and adjust results

Fee schedule

Our pricing is based on a percentage of investable net worth, with fees deducted once a quarter. Note: Accelerated fee schedules exist for larger engagements. The quarterly minimum ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 based on the region.
  • $3M | 0.95%
  • $3–$5M | 0.75%
  • $5–$10M | 0.6%
  • $10–$20M | 0.5%
  • $20M+ | 0.35%

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